Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 Camaro Z/28

2014 Camaro Z/28: I must say, the paint on this Camaro is quite striking. Sadly I don't have enough money for this beauty, and even if I did, I find it difficult to see myself buying a Camaro at over 70,000. When I walked up to the car, I laughed at how a Camaro was sitting behind a belt barrier. When I gently slid off the belt from the post, I wanted to get a belt-less photo. At that moment I felt snobby glares coming at me from the Chevy reps that were grouped around there, during Media Day. They looked at me like I was breaking some law, or something. That entire scene around the Z/28 made me wonder whether Chevrolet is trying to keep regular people away from being welcomed into enjoying a car that has balls and is affordable. Up until this vehicle, I thought the point of the Camaro was an affordable car with balls. All this car's price does is scream "stay away poor boy, find me a rich daddy." Anyone who saw this beauty at the Philadelphia Auto Show knows it is quite the awesome and beautiful car, in person. I mean, a mean machine, for sure. I doubt my photo's can do the color of the vehicle any justice. Oh, and I think the front black ground effect is entirely stupid. Hopefully its entirely functional for air flow, or whatever else having to do with it's motion, and it's not just aesthetic. All that money for an awesome car and you cannot even use it as a daily driver because you will destroy that effect by the time you get her home from the dealer. Come on Chevy. Let the boys have a cool toy at an affordable price, instead of an additional mortgage payment. And while you are listening, T-tops!!!! Please!!!!

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