Monday, January 21, 2013

Cars are colored, people are shaded.

On this day, a day to remember and give thanks to the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the 44th president of the United States of America is inaugurated (well, yesterday he was, but today we all join together to watch.) What's amazing about President Obama, is that he is a mix. A mix of these labeled races which have for too long found conflict over something that is not even real: color. We are all shades; a derivative of brown. We are all one. This entire world is blessed each day by breadth. We all have the right to live. Be respectful of your neighbor, your friend, a woman or a man just passing by. Mind your own business and live with a thankful heart, and breathe truth when you can.

Since this is an auto blog, I shall bring it back to that intent. While watching CNN, I realized that our government alone is enough to keep GM in business. That is by no doubt the coolest cadillac on the road!


Sunday, January 20, 2013 can be yours, for either of these vehicles :)

At the 2013 Philadelphia Auto show I instantly fell in love with two vehicles. Yes, I am very serious, I will trade my domain for either of these vehicles. The white Audi S8 pictured here is loaded with a 520hp, 481 lb.-ft. of torque, 4.0 TFSI, Eight-Speed Tiptronic auto, all-wheel drive. This baby is a beast!. The following car is an Audi R8 Coupe: 525hp, w/ 391 lb.-ft. of torque, 5.2 FSI, Six-speed R tronic sequential transmission and Audi quattro all-wheel drive-- WOAH!!!! Both are 2013 model year vehicles.

Audi S8: w/ White with Black interior.

Audi R8:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Big ups to the awesome people at McLaren of Philadelphia

The moment I can afford one, I will be sure to find my way to McLaren of Philadelphia. Each of the people I spoke to who represent this dealership, while I was at the Philadelphia Auto Show for Media day, they all were so incredibly nice. Usually (at least from my experience with other brands of fancy dream cars), the representatives make us dreamers wanna give up on those dreams because they look at us like we couldn't even afford a can of tuna fish. Let alone a half a million dollar vehicle. I didn't even remotely get this feeling by these people at McLaren of Philadelphia. They were more than eager to speak with me, to tell me about how amazing the McLaren line-up is. And, amazing they are! They didn't even need to explain it. You can see it and feel it just by the cars presence. Please, if you are in the market for a McLaren, give McLaren of Philadelphia a call: 610-886-3000.  I wasn't asked to do this, so you don't need to mention my little blog. Enjoy the pictures though.

McLaren MP4-12c Spyder MY13:

Mclaren 2012 mp4-12c: 

Can I please have $126,895.00?

If you give me $126,895, I promise you that I will buy a 2013 Corvette ZR1 Coupe. And I will even send you pictures of it!

I think that's a fair deal!

For the curious, 6.2 liter supercharged with 638 horsepower.

Time To Talk... Scion FR-S

During this past summer, I was driving through Wilmington, Delaware. Forgetting the fact that if there were no traffic lights, one could get back into Pennsylvania in probably less than five minutes, but it is still called Delaware, fortunately for Scion, there are traffic lights. I say this because while I was approaching a light, across the street, I saw a really cool looking car. My first guess was that it was a new 370z. However, I kept looking at the car. And, it just looked different. The traffic lights turned green. As I was driving past this Scion, I was able to see the back of it. And that is when I realized it wasn't a Z.

I must admit, I have been ignoring this car ever since that day. No reason other then life lies my excuse to my lack of proper focus. Today while I was at the Philadelphia Auto Show, I got to see this car close up. In addition to just looking over the car, I met a fella named Jon. Immediately I gained a liking to him, only because he has the same name as me. Nonetheless, he explained he works for some marketing firm that is contracted out, but his only focus for this farmed out marketing company is Scion; so, anyway, he is a legit dude. I really didn't wanna stick around and chat. I like to take my pictures, sit in the car, then skip out. However, since this guy's name is Jon, I got stuck in a conversation. I am happy about this, because I learned a few things about this Scion FR-S. This little sports car, has 200 horsepower "boxer" engine, which has the word "Subaru" on it. It does 0-60 in just a few points over 6 seconds, I believe it was 6.2. Not too shabby! What is also interesting about this car is that it was designed by the same guy who designed the incredible Lexus LFA, Hiromu Naruse (R.I.P.) Finding this out ultimately made sense. I was able to see similar lines in this obtainable sports car that exist on the ultimate dream car. This has given me a much more respectful perspective for the Scion FR-S.

2013 Camaro 2SS Coupe Summit White Black Interior

This is another SS. 2013 Camaro 2SS Coupe Summit White Black Interior. 6.2 Liter V8 W/ SFI (whatever that means) 6-Speed Manual. I SO wish this car came in all wheel drive. Could you imagine? MPG-- Well, let's move on from that depressing thought.

I really loved the interior of this car. When they first produced this current Camaro, they were not offering a GPS. Even though a GPS is utterly useless now that we all have smart phones, it makes the interior look alive. Everything in this car feels right. The seater are comfy. The suede steering wheel is lovely. The shifter, well, it's awesome. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Vroom, vroom, vroom...

I am a little over a year away from the time I need to purchase a new car. What's awesome is, I leased my current vehicle. I get bored of my car's, really fast. So, the count down has begun. Since I am completely obsessed with cars, unfortunately, all that is consuming my mind is: what do I buy next? The other day, I was on Chevrolet's website. I was looking at the SS Camaro's. I know, I know, MPG's suck (thanks for the reminder Jeff.) But, come on! This car is totally insanely awesomely cool. Also, I could never buy a 6 cyl., because I would feel completely insecure driving around in one. Don't get me wrong now. I am the first person to shout, and scream out on the top of my lungs, for these car manufacturers to begin making affordable (cool looking) vehicles that do not drink gasoline as if it was water for a runner at the end of a marathon. Anyway, after walking around the Philadelphia auto show this morning during media day, I realized that we are quite far off from the auto industry changing their ways, and giving us (cool looking) MPG and wallet friendly cars. Sorry folks, not this year, and probably not next, etc... Okay, sorry for my ADD. Back to the focus of this particular posting. When I was on GM's site, and looking at the SS, I saw in the options widow, there was a "Hot-Wheels" version Camaro SS. I was like, no freaking way, I gotta see this thing. But, I didn't have much luck finding it on their site. Nonetheless, success, I found one today at the Philadelphia Auto Show. It's freaking sweeeeeet!!!!

Philadelphia Auto Show 2013

A twenty minute ride to press day at the philadelphia auto show is only taking me an hour. The auto shows location for you gps'ers 1101 arch st. Phila. Pa. The show goes from jan. 19-27 and it's "bigger than ever." So it must be quite big.

The following is a news release:
Interactive Ride Opportunities Headline 2013 Philadelphia Auto Show
--Seven offerings will be available for the first time ever!--
E. Norriton, Pa., January 10, 2013 – With an expanded display now totaling approximately 630,000 sq. ft., the Philadelphia Auto Show proudly announces the offering of two indoor Ride experiences and five outdoor Ride & Drive offerings at its 2013 event.
“Philadelphia, get ready; this year’s Auto Show is like nothing you have ever seen before,” said Michael Chapman, chairman of the 2013 Philadelphia Auto Show. “We’ll have vehicle rides climbing a 14-foot- high, 35-degree mountain. We’ll have ride experiences that instantly personalize your experience and address you by name during your adventure. The list goes on. Increased interactivity between our guests and some of the best products the automotive industry has ever produced are key highlights of this year’s show. The extensive list of vehicles that consumers will now be able to experience in motion at our event is our longest yet. Hats off to the manufacturers who are providing these one-of-a-kind opportunities for the people of the Delaware Valley.”
Ride and/or Ride & Drive opportunities will be provided by the following manufacturers:
Making its first-ever appearance in Philadelphia, Jeep® is bringing Camp Jeep®, a unique interactive off-road experience, to consumers attending the 2013 Philadelphia Auto Show.
The 25,000 sq. ft. exhibit will give Auto Show attendees a chance to experience the extreme off-road capabilities of Jeep vehicles directly on the show floor. The course will be comprised of several obstacles that simulate some of the rigorous testing that Jeep vehicles endure before customers get behind the wheel. This provides consumers a firsthand look at the capability standards of Jeep vehicles for Ground Clearance, Traction, Stability, Articulation and Suspension. The Jeep Test Track is an interactive adventure zone where professional 4x4 drivers allow riders to experience a Jeep's both on- and off-road capabilities. Product specialists will chauffeur participants in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Wrangler Rubicon and Grand Cherokee to allow consumers to experience the capabilities of a Jeep.
The exhibit will also feature a thrilling, “can't miss” hill climb where passengers experience the Jeep's traction capabilities while climbing the 14-foot high, 35-degree Jeep Mountain, the icon of the ride. Riders are over 18 feet off the ground when they sit on top of Jeep Mountain. The track includes a 12 x 25-foot section of terrain simulating fallen logs measuring 18 inches in diameter and a 30-degree wedge to demonstrate the vehicle’s body articulation, where attendees will experience the adrenaline rush of looking nearly straight up or straight down as they navigate the obstacle. Each ride is about five minutes long.
Camp Jeep will be open during all hours of the Philadelphia Auto Show and during the media preview on January 18th.

After its inaugural indoor Ride Experience debut at last year’s Philadelphia Auto Show, Toyota will return to this year’s event with another exceptional ride experience located directly on the display floor in Hall E! Branded with a “Let’s Go Places” moniker, this unique activity will allow Auto Show attendees to experience some of the company’s newest products, including the new-generation 2013 Avalon, Camry Hybrid, Prius and Venza. In addition, the Philadelphia Auto Show will be the first Auto Show to feature rides in the new RAV4.

Teams of professional drivers and trained product specialists will take participants on a fun, informative and ultra-interactive demonstration drive through a more than 31,000 sq. ft. course. The informative and entertaining in-vehicle experience will educate consumers and tell the story behind Toyota’s design and styling, MPG capabilities, performance and racing, Entune offerings and more. Interested parties can visit the Toyota display to participate. The event will be open and operational every day of the Philadelphia Auto Show, including the preceding Black Tie Tailgate and Media Day preview.

In addition to the indoor Ride Experiences that will be accessible on the show floor, Auto Show attendees will also have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of today’s newest cars and trucks through five different Ride & Drive offerings. Outdoor Ride & Drive opportunities will be offered via the following manufacturers:
Featuring the CTS Sedan, CTS-V Sedan, CTS-V Coupe, CTS-V Wagon, SRX, XTS, ATS and Escalade, the Cadillac Ride & Drive will operate on the following days and times:
Saturday, January 19: 9am – 5pm
Sunday, January 20: 9am – 5pm
Friday, January 25: Noon – 5pm
Saturday, January 26: 9am – 5pm
Sunday, January 27: 9am – 1pm
Cadillac vehicles will be staged behind the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Guests should visit the Cadillac display in the Main Exhibit Hall for more information and directions to the Ride & Drive.

General Motors will offer the opportunity for Philadelphia Auto Show-goers to test-drive vehicles from Chevrolet, Buick and/or GMC. The event will feature the Chevrolet Camaro, Cruze, Equinox, Malibu, Silverado, Traverse, Volt, Sonic and Spark; the Buick Regal, Enclave and Verano; and the GMC Terrain, Acadia and Sierra. The event will operate the following days and times:

Saturday, January 19: 9am – 5pm
Sunday, January 20: 9am – 5pm
Friday, January 25: Noon – 5pm
Saturday, January 26: 9am – 5pm
Sunday, January 27: 9am – 5pm

General Motors vehicles will be staged between 13th & Broad Streets on Arch Street, in front of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.


Hyundai is welcomed to the 2013 Ride & Drive lineup with offerings for Auto Show guests to experience the Genesis Coupe, Genesis R-Spec, Equus Ultimate, Santa Fe Sport, Sonata, Sonata Hybrid, Veloster Turbo, Tucson Limited and Azera! The Hyundai Ride & Drive event will operate the following dates and times:

Saturday, January 19: 9am – 4pm
Sunday, January 20: 9am – 4pm
Monday, January 21: Noon –5 pm

Hyundai vehicles will be staged between 11th & 12th Streets on Arch Street, in front of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.


Kia Motors returns to the 2013 Philadelphia Auto Show with a Ride & Drive event featuring the Optima Limited, Optima Hybrid, Sorento SX and Soul. This Ride & Drive will operate at the following times:
Thursday, January 24: 12noon – 8pm
Friday, January 25: 12noon – 8pm
Saturday, January 26: 10am – 7pm
Sunday, January 27: Noon – 8pm
Participating Kia vehicles will be staged between 11th & 12th Streets on Arch Street, in front of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
Subaru joins the 2013 Ride & Drive lineup with its first Philadelphia Auto Show event! Featuring the Legacy 2.5i Limited w/EyeSight, Legacy 2.5i Premium Sport, Outback 3.6R Limited w/EyeSight, Impreza 2.0i Limited, Impreza Sport 2.0i Limited and XV Crosstrek Limited, the Subaru Ride & Drive will operate during all show days at the following times:
Saturday and Sunday, January 19 & 20: 9am – 4pm
Monday – Friday, January 21 – 25: Noon – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday, January 26 & 27: 9am – 4pm
Subaru vehicles will be staged on 12th Street between Arch & Race Streets.
Interested parties that would like to participate in any of the events mentioned above should visit the respective manufacturer display floor at the Philadelphia Auto Show for instructions and more specifics.

About the Philadelphia Auto Show
The 2013 Philadelphia Auto Show, produced and owned by the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia, rolls into the Pennsylvania Convention Center January 19th-27th. This year's event will have hundreds of vehicles from a variety of worldwide manufacturers. Highlights include an array of concept, classic, luxury, pre-production and exotic models. Ticket prices range from $6.00-$12.00. For more information, visit

Sunday, January 6, 2013


An icy morning on Lincoln and Kelly drive. A number of accidents; spin outs; and poll crashes are happening this morning. Drivers be aware!!! January 6, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What movie?

I took these pics in center city phila a couple of years ago. Does anyone know what movie this was?

I knew it...

I warned her, "parking on the beach will deteriorate the car." Women just don't listen.

More fords more vanities

What's with ford drivers and vanity plates? Is it a requirement?

A little...

rubbing compound should take it right out. Maybe a little detail couldn't hurt either. No, but actually I'd love to see an infomercial that makes this car look brand new after using their "amazing" product. That is something I'd buy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Red Ford F-750

So, one day I bought a ford ranger. Then we had a baby. Since me and the lady needed more room we got an F-150. Then we had twins. So, to accommodate we had to sell the F-150 and buy a ford F-250. After a few month, we had triplets. Oops. Me and the lady, still not married, but we used the wedding funds for a ford F-350. And then our first born, the twins and the triplets all began having children with one another, so now we got the red F-750. We love it!

Family can for sale: garage kept

Perfect family van. Garage kept and never been out in the rain.

Ford focus drivers...

And their general sentiments about it.

"Do you wanna sit in my Bentley?"

"No dude, but I wanna steal it and drive it forever. Thanks for the offer."

New 2014 corvette! Hot!!!

Or maybe not. Doubt there'd be much popularity if this was the new Vette.

Passing me by...

This undoubtedly looks like one cool ride. Fake or real? And why are the fake ones even expensive?