Friday, January 18, 2013

Time To Talk... Scion FR-S

During this past summer, I was driving through Wilmington, Delaware. Forgetting the fact that if there were no traffic lights, one could get back into Pennsylvania in probably less than five minutes, but it is still called Delaware, fortunately for Scion, there are traffic lights. I say this because while I was approaching a light, across the street, I saw a really cool looking car. My first guess was that it was a new 370z. However, I kept looking at the car. And, it just looked different. The traffic lights turned green. As I was driving past this Scion, I was able to see the back of it. And that is when I realized it wasn't a Z.

I must admit, I have been ignoring this car ever since that day. No reason other then life lies my excuse to my lack of proper focus. Today while I was at the Philadelphia Auto Show, I got to see this car close up. In addition to just looking over the car, I met a fella named Jon. Immediately I gained a liking to him, only because he has the same name as me. Nonetheless, he explained he works for some marketing firm that is contracted out, but his only focus for this farmed out marketing company is Scion; so, anyway, he is a legit dude. I really didn't wanna stick around and chat. I like to take my pictures, sit in the car, then skip out. However, since this guy's name is Jon, I got stuck in a conversation. I am happy about this, because I learned a few things about this Scion FR-S. This little sports car, has 200 horsepower "boxer" engine, which has the word "Subaru" on it. It does 0-60 in just a few points over 6 seconds, I believe it was 6.2. Not too shabby! What is also interesting about this car is that it was designed by the same guy who designed the incredible Lexus LFA, Hiromu Naruse (R.I.P.) Finding this out ultimately made sense. I was able to see similar lines in this obtainable sports car that exist on the ultimate dream car. This has given me a much more respectful perspective for the Scion FR-S.

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