Monday, November 11, 2013

Just A Scenario

So, you pull into a dealership's spacious lot.

On your mind you are already, totally sold on, and incredibly excited about your decision to buy the car of your dreams: The Bla Bla Premium GT Supreme Limited Edition.

You've done all your homework. You are now ready to buy. Here you are, finding yourself walking around this enormous super car lot as you are on a mission to find a specific match to the Bla Bla Premium GT Supreme Limited Edition you've set out for. You know the exact one you are seeking. The one that has all its bells and whistles. Suddenly, you spot it. Only 100 feet from your face sits that dreamy hunk of metal gleaming from the sun its sexy skin color, with its curves so perfect. This exact moment is when all thought, all reason and rationality escapes out your mind now useless as it all drips down the side of your face. Emptied of all rational thoughts, your feet now magically lift off from the ground. You are whisked away, swept right into your dream Bla Bla Premium GT Supreme Limited Edition. You are now stuck to it, almost as though you are magnetized. In this moment, there you are as you find yourself stuck on the car, hugging it with your arms sprawled out, and your cheek pressed down suctioned against the hood.

Love at first sight! You've found it. That perfect Bla Bla Premium GT Supreme Limited Edition. No words are needed to be said. It is even obvious to the dealer's detailer what you are there for, this one and only reason. And that is for the car you are clinging to, wait, practically glued to.

Walking up from behind you appears a wonderfully enthusiastic salesperson, a new best friend. This salesperson says "come to my office, I can set you up for a test drive. All I need is your license, first born, blood and urine sample, and current vehicle registration."

Quickly you respond to the salesperson, "no, a test drive isn't necessary, I already know, I want this one."

A few moments later, you find yourself sitting in a simply constructed gray cubicle. It has a desk, three chairs, and a picture of your salesperson's supposed family from an Easter Sunday that might or might not have been staged.

After taking in the moment, as you are feeling this nervous energy since you are about to buy the car of your dreams. A car you've been thinking about, falling in-love with, for many months, that's when the salesperson says: "I will be right back, let me go speak to my manager for a second. I want to figure out the best deal for you, so that you can quickly get behind the wheel of that Bla Bla Premium GT Supreme Limited Edition." Upon her return, the salesperson says, "are you sure you want the Bla Bla Premium GT Supreme Limited Edition. I must tell you, we do have a great special on the Rah Rah Continental."

You give off a little chuckle, as you exclaim, "oh yes, I am sure about wanting the Bla Bla Premium GT Supreme Limited Edition. So, let's just go with that."

Suddenly the florescent lights in the dealership begin flickering. Your chair begins shaking. Followed by crashing sounds as surrounding cubicles fall down like dominos, landing on top of other customers all who are now screaming and shouting in fear of the deal they're about to sign. The air grows cold. The building becomes dark. Your salesperson now has steam shooting out from her ears as she screams: "what is wrong with the Rah Rah Continental? I myself have driven one for years, my family has wonderful memories from this car." Cautiously, you respond, "well, with all due respect to the Rah Rah Continental, and your family, I did come here specifically for the Bla Bla Premium GT Supreme Limited Edition." Feeling all confident for standing your ground and fighting for the car you came there to buy, that's when the manager suddenly appears. He says "so I hear you are interested in the Rah Rah Continental. That is a wonderful car. Great smart choice. We are running really great specials on it right now."

And, so now, after all is said and done. After miles and miles of different sheets of paper is printed and is now wet with your signature, the check drawn, this is when you find yourself driving off the car lot in a brand new Rah Rah Continental. And this is simply because the dealer stood to make a some sum of money if by the end of the month they sold a particular amount of Rah Rah's. And now you are stuck in an eighty-five year lease, driving away in your brand new Rah Rah; still dreaming about the Bla Bla Premium GT Supreme Limited Edition, the car you originally set out to buy.

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